mandag 9. februar 2015

A refugee from the snow
Notes from Sir Charm:
OK, so the snow is finally melting, but has it gone, oh no!! In the meantime I am suffering. It isn't always easy to find a nice dry snowfree spot you know. Just look at this, I had to balance myself on top of this trestub just to get some cleaning done. Luckily I am really good at balancing and if I say so myself, I do look good even in this tricky situtation. Still, please get this snow away from me!!!

søndag 8. februar 2015

Making snow look good
Notes from King Tiny:
Here I am again! Even though I don't like snow anymore than the next cat, I thought I take pity on it, as that the great kind of cat I am, so I marched my very coold feet, and actually completly cold body, right out it the thick of it, as also snow deserve to look good, and the only way to do that is to give it some help, so here I am, giving it 4 helpsome paws, making even snow look good, or at least goodish. It isjust so much you can do with it anyway, and my paws are actually FREEZING!
Notes from the Chief
Snow!!! I HATE it!! Hate it, did I tell you, I hate it. Do you want to know why I hate you, I tell you why, I hate it beacause it does notheing good! NOTHING!! My paws, my poor poor paws, freezing stiff! I can hardly walk at all. Snow should be forbidden, why on Earth isn't it actually? Now I am heading stright in to the closest fireplace, and poor that thing that might be in my spot there!!
So I suggest this photo for February, as this perfectly demonstrate the snowing feeling of the awful month!
Snow in practise
Notes from the Doggie Bear:
WHAW!!! It is SNOW!!! I love snow!! I love it I love it I love it!!! Snow is the best!! There just isn¨t the thing you can't do with snow. You can run, jump, fetch, role, bath and even walk in it. The latter actually rather booring, but then again, walking is always boooooring. Snow is AMAZING!! Snow is actually multitasking in practice. Look right here, and I am demostrating it. The snow has been shaped into a lovely ball at the same time as the snow on the ground is working as a matress while landing, cooling element while excerising and can even be eaten if dehydrated. Jus amazing, right!! Honestly, how can you NOT like snow!!?!!

søndag 1. februar 2015

The first chickens of the year
Notes from Serial Mum:
I am sorry I haven't posed for you yet, but as you can see I have been busy working. Hatching chick isn't for amateurs you know. And honestly, have you ever seen anyone more beautiful than these tiny ones I have got here. They are just amazingly perfect!! I am so proud of them!! Now please leave us be, as these babies needs to come under my feathers to stay warm!"