mandag 9. februar 2015

A refugee from the snow
Notes from Sir Charm:
OK, so the snow is finally melting, but has it gone, oh no!! In the meantime I am suffering. It isn't always easy to find a nice dry snowfree spot you know. Just look at this, I had to balance myself on top of this trestub just to get some cleaning done. Luckily I am really good at balancing and if I say so myself, I do look good even in this tricky situtation. Still, please get this snow away from me!!!

søndag 8. februar 2015

Making snow look good
Notes from King Tiny:
Here I am again! Even though I don't like snow anymore than the next cat, I thought I take pity on it, as that the great kind of cat I am, so I marched my very coold feet, and actually completly cold body, right out it the thick of it, as also snow deserve to look good, and the only way to do that is to give it some help, so here I am, giving it 4 helpsome paws, making even snow look good, or at least goodish. It isjust so much you can do with it anyway, and my paws are actually FREEZING!
Notes from the Chief
Snow!!! I HATE it!! Hate it, did I tell you, I hate it. Do you want to know why I hate you, I tell you why, I hate it beacause it does notheing good! NOTHING!! My paws, my poor poor paws, freezing stiff! I can hardly walk at all. Snow should be forbidden, why on Earth isn't it actually? Now I am heading stright in to the closest fireplace, and poor that thing that might be in my spot there!!
So I suggest this photo for February, as this perfectly demonstrate the snowing feeling of the awful month!
Snow in practise
Notes from the Doggie Bear:
WHAW!!! It is SNOW!!! I love snow!! I love it I love it I love it!!! Snow is the best!! There just isn¨t the thing you can't do with snow. You can run, jump, fetch, role, bath and even walk in it. The latter actually rather booring, but then again, walking is always boooooring. Snow is AMAZING!! Snow is actually multitasking in practice. Look right here, and I am demostrating it. The snow has been shaped into a lovely ball at the same time as the snow on the ground is working as a matress while landing, cooling element while excerising and can even be eaten if dehydrated. Jus amazing, right!! Honestly, how can you NOT like snow!!?!!

søndag 1. februar 2015

The first chickens of the year
Notes from Serial Mum:
I am sorry I haven't posed for you yet, but as you can see I have been busy working. Hatching chick isn't for amateurs you know. And honestly, have you ever seen anyone more beautiful than these tiny ones I have got here. They are just amazingly perfect!! I am so proud of them!! Now please leave us be, as these babies needs to come under my feathers to stay warm!"

onsdag 28. januar 2015

Running with me
Notes from King Tiny:
"Here I am out running all by myself. See I don't need to have anybody running next to me! That is just silly rumours. OK, so I like running with others, put I am purrfectly able to run all by myself. Also, if I didn't run all by myself, Iwould never get to run at all, as the other Citizens are so so lazy, not at all like me! There is nothing I enjoy better than trekking around my private park."

Off to the fields of foraging
Notes from Black Gold:
"Off course I was sceptical, Big Daddy smiling like that, he had to be up to something. I am not saying he isn't a nice guy, he is my best friend after all, but smiling like that, it is just not natural for him! That's all I am saying!"
Notes from Big Daddy:
"It was such a wonderful day. On my way up to my favourite fooraging spot. Knowing that I will be eating all the tastiest roots you could ever imagine, and maybe even find an old nut or too! Life is actually not to bad. Good enough that I tokk pity upon the photographer and gave her a propper huge smile. Off course Black Gold had to ruin it all by his normal dready looks! Oh well, just goes to show who the real pig is around here!"

The Bad ones
Notes from the Badis:
"Yes, we thought we needed to get in as well. We are afterall the more exotic Citizens here at Maifrin. Not only beacause we are rarer than the other Citizens, but beacause we actually do work as well, were the other ones just claims to do so, while running around playing. That being said, we do have the dream job, we shall gladly admit to that. So off we go, more tasty pruning to be done."

The Crafty Lady
Notes from Lady:
I am sure you have all missed me, and just waited for my contribution. I am sorry that you had to wait so long, but I happens to be a very busy Lady with little or no time to pose in front of the camera. Also I wanted a cool pose, as I am after all a very cool cat. So here you go, my first contribution to the 2016 calendar. It might not be the last.

søndag 25. januar 2015

In the Ocean
Notes from Doggie Bear:
"We dogs don't always sit around, instead we jump into the car, and let the car take us Places. The places are normally nice, but some are just better than others. Here the other day we went all the way to the Ocean, and that was amazing! I loved it!! My fur got wonderfully wet, and I even got to swim. What a day that was!! Off course there was some drawbacks. The water was salt and the sand stucked to my sticks. I didn't like that at all actually, but next to that it was great and I would like to og back again, right now actually!

onsdag 21. januar 2015

What are you saying!?
Notes from King Tiny:
I am sorry, but those ungrateful ...... calming down, think of food, think of food, .....those ungrateful dogs! Here I am, just trying to help them out by beautifing their image A LOT ...... calming down, think of food, think of food ...... and those ...... dogs ....... prefer to look stupid and goofy! Here I was, just helping out the dogs in their need and and AND .... calming down, think of food, think of food .... HA! If they can og through old photos, so can I!! The only problem is that unlike some ....... calming down, think of food, think of food ...... I actually care about how I look!
Hmmm being angry and dissapointed and not at least betrayed, I feel hungry. Think I need to dash over to the dining room now."

Gossip station
Notes from Sheppard:
"While going through some old photos I found this nicely tucked away. I have now idea why as it is so much better than the similar looking one that was also featuring a cat. I don't know why, but this photo appeal so much more to me. Here you can see us dogs having a nice chat, just like we dogs are supposed to. No cat eavesdropping, I think, as those cats are bad at sneaking up on us innocent dogs. Like we would ever plot against them....."

mandag 19. januar 2015

Running with cats
Notes from Sir Charm:
"King Tiny and I was just out having fun. Actually I wanted to playfight, but King Tiny insisted on running instead. I did manage to overtake him OFF COURSE and turned it into a playfight! HIHIHI!!"
Notes from King Tiny:
"I just love to be outdoors! And I especially like playing with all my good buddies, like my friend Sir Charm here, unfortunately he is a bit on the childish side, no denying that, so he always want to turn a pefectly good run into a playfight. I do not support that at all, eh..... Sir Charm, why are you singing "Liar liar fur on fire?"

søndag 18. januar 2015

Running the wines
Notes from The Doggie Bear:
"Why wasn't there any photo of me going solo here? OK, so I am still not going solo, I am running solo, but that is close enough. To be honest I am not a big fan of walking, as it is just so slow. Give me a good run instead. I also like to run with sticks. This is a local stick from the old wines, they are really truly great. I do however never run with sissors! Nor should you actually!"

The eyes of the climber
The Climbing cat
Notes from Sir Carm:
"With this calendar thing everybosy is talking about specialising, specialising in this and specialising in that. Therefore I though I should look into some specialising as well. It so happens that I am a very good climber, so here you go, some nice photos of me doing my favourite hobby!"

Running with friends
Notes from King Tiny:
"This is a photo we added after a request. Nothing wrong With the models, both me and my good friend Little Oink is amazing, but again, the photographer.... We have put this on the list of photos to be retaken.
When it comes to the motive; I am not sure if you know this, but I am apperently suffering from a very bad eyesight. So therefore I don't like to run alone, but I do enjoy a propper run. Therefore when Little Oink asked me to show him the way to the End of the World, I thought we better hurry up and get there before he changed his mind. After all, he is a piggy, and they seem to change their mind as soon as their pass something just slightly chewable."
Notes from Little Oink:
"As a young and handsome pig I want to explore the world. I have heard roumours that there is food out there and wanted to see it for myself. Luckily my good friend King Tiny immidiately agreed to show me around, and he was very understanding and we run the whole way so I as soon as possible should be able to go rooting for tidbits. Let me tell you though, it was overrated, Big Daddy had all ready been there, so not much tidbits left!!!"

lørdag 17. januar 2015

Out walking

Notes from Big Daddy:
"Not my favourite photo, but it thought it was time with some big personality here. Unfortunately this photo makes me seem a bit on the skinny side. Yes, I know, I have room for much more weight, but when you are fed so little that you have to go and fetch the food yourself.... of course you do get skinny! Still this photo makes it looks like I have no cheeks, but that is not completly true. What is true is that I have worked very hard indeed for the cheeks I have! Please feel free to send me food."
The one and fluffy

Notes from King Tiny:
"Finally here I am, Your  favourite fluffycat at service! I don't want to sound selvsentered in any way, but I have been Incredible Lucky when it comes to looks, and I know how to work it as well. I even look great at a grey day like this. Somebody does have a talent for modelling, and I sure am one of them! This want be the last from me!! "
The best view
Notes from Sheppard:
This was taken on the top of the hill, beacause we dogs like to use our feet for what they was ment for, MOVING! So while all the other Citizens hardly ever leaves home, well, we dog, we get about. This top is an hour by paws away, but did I get tired? Off course not! We only had to sit down on shift beacause we took pity on the human who did need a rest. 
I have seen better photos on myself, but this is just to give you something until a better one comes along. Most like very soon, afterall, I am a beauty!" 
The sleeping heap
Notes from Mr Purr:
"What can I say? It just feels good to sleep together with good friends on a cold and wet winter day. It is really nice, cosy and not at least warm to have somebody to cuddle up with for a serious bad weather nap. My friends totally agree, so here we are, doing a tiny catnap in a safe and catfriendly enviroment."

Nature is gold
Notes from Black Gold:
"This photo was taken when I was a very happy pig rooting around. Rooting makes every pig feeling so good. Actually I was on my way to find Big Daddy, but to get to him I had to cross this old nutfield. Big Daddy just had to wait, but unfortunately somebody seem to have stolen all the old nuts! Can you believe it??? Oh back to the pigture! I look adorable as ever! Enøff said!"
A crime of passion
Notes from Little Criminals:
"Being a parrot is GREAT! You just gotta love it :) This was taken while I was working on my dream job, pruning the wines :) I love love love pruning wines. I admit that the background was a bit blend that day, but hey with my wonderful look, who cares about the background anyway?"

From mischief to mischief

Notes from Mr Mischief:
"Yeah what a terrific photo of me. You can clearly see how amazing me and my body works together. Oh I just love to run and run and run, so this is truly describing of me as a dog. I mean why walk when you can run really really fast?"

How to make grey look good
Notes from Sir Charm
"What can I say? I look good, stunning run to minds. Nobody does grey as good as me,and grey is the best!"
Running off the hill
Notes from the Chief Cat:
As normal I do look stunning! Please also note that I do action photos when the others do portretts, just mentioning... Still I am not completly happy with this shot. Nothing wrong with me obviously, but it was just after the sun had gone Down on a light grey day, so it gives the photo a bit of that grey feeling."
Cats and dogs
 Notes from Sheppard:
"As Chief Dog I feel it is right that I speak for the dogs on this photo. To be honest we do not understand why that tiny cat had to join in? He kind og ruins the image you know. Here we are, 3 adorable doggies, and wham, a CAT! Why ruin a perfectly good motive like that. A CAT!! Still I must admit that that beautiful white and Brown dog does rescue the Whole thing, spite a somewhat awkward photoangle. We will try again another day."
Notes from King Tiny:
Off course I did manage to save this shot with my pure presence, but you know, it is hard even for me to look my best when the doggie odor keeps trying to push me off the bench. I don't mind dogs in anyway as let face it, they are easy to train, but 3 dogs at once, the nose just don't handle it very well! Rest assure though, I have all ready started to practice, so we will redoo this photo if you insist you need a photo with dogs in it as well?"