søndag 18. januar 2015

Running with friends
Notes from King Tiny:
"This is a photo we added after a request. Nothing wrong With the models, both me and my good friend Little Oink is amazing, but again, the photographer.... We have put this on the list of photos to be retaken.
When it comes to the motive; I am not sure if you know this, but I am apperently suffering from a very bad eyesight. So therefore I don't like to run alone, but I do enjoy a propper run. Therefore when Little Oink asked me to show him the way to the End of the World, I thought we better hurry up and get there before he changed his mind. After all, he is a piggy, and they seem to change their mind as soon as their pass something just slightly chewable."
Notes from Little Oink:
"As a young and handsome pig I want to explore the world. I have heard roumours that there is food out there and wanted to see it for myself. Luckily my good friend King Tiny immidiately agreed to show me around, and he was very understanding and we run the whole way so I as soon as possible should be able to go rooting for tidbits. Let me tell you though, it was overrated, Big Daddy had all ready been there, so not much tidbits left!!!"

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