lørdag 17. januar 2015

Cats and dogs
 Notes from Sheppard:
"As Chief Dog I feel it is right that I speak for the dogs on this photo. To be honest we do not understand why that tiny cat had to join in? He kind og ruins the image you know. Here we are, 3 adorable doggies, and wham, a CAT! Why ruin a perfectly good motive like that. A CAT!! Still I must admit that that beautiful white and Brown dog does rescue the Whole thing, spite a somewhat awkward photoangle. We will try again another day."
Notes from King Tiny:
Off course I did manage to save this shot with my pure presence, but you know, it is hard even for me to look my best when the doggie odor keeps trying to push me off the bench. I don't mind dogs in anyway as let face it, they are easy to train, but 3 dogs at once, the nose just don't handle it very well! Rest assure though, I have all ready started to practice, so we will redoo this photo if you insist you need a photo with dogs in it as well?"

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