onsdag 28. januar 2015

Off to the fields of foraging
Notes from Black Gold:
"Off course I was sceptical, Big Daddy smiling like that, he had to be up to something. I am not saying he isn't a nice guy, he is my best friend after all, but smiling like that, it is just not natural for him! That's all I am saying!"
Notes from Big Daddy:
"It was such a wonderful day. On my way up to my favourite fooraging spot. Knowing that I will be eating all the tastiest roots you could ever imagine, and maybe even find an old nut or too! Life is actually not to bad. Good enough that I tokk pity upon the photographer and gave her a propper huge smile. Off course Black Gold had to ruin it all by his normal dready looks! Oh well, just goes to show who the real pig is around here!"

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